B2C Marketing Germany

webvitamin is a social media agency and application developer based in Berlin, Germany. The small but experienced team helps foreign companies operate and maintain social media marketing in Germany using advertising campaigns leveraged by content creation, search engine optimisation and application personalisation – all in the German language. For any business wishing to market their B2C marketing in the German speaking world through social media, webvitamin are the agency of choice to achieve this.

Succeed in Germany with webvitamin

From the technical application edge to search engine optimisation, concrete language skills are required to reach the right customers with the right message in Germany. We can optimise an online website, be it for Facebook applications, advertising campaigns, content or search machines so that customers can find and consume your information, products and services. We can create, optimise and distribute content that can bring fans, leads and sales to your B2C company in the German market.

Create the Right Apps in the Right Language

A Facebook app is a great way to bring fans onto your Facebook fan pages and above all become fans. For online retailers looking to sell to the German market, we can offer basic Facebook apps to apps that are specifically designed to engage and win customers and manage them all in German. The basic Facebook apps are presented to fans in the form of tabs on the fan page and delivered with easy to modify templates. Integration of a contact form, product or job tabs complete with company branding is essential to reach your own part of the 25 million active Facebook users in Germany. More importantly, it is a legal requirement in Germany to include a tab communicating the terms of service and head office contact information. We provide the basic tab application for Facebook and also the advice to avoid any legal difficulties.

The more advanced apps developed in house are designed to engage customers for retention or sales lead purposes. As an example, the webvitamin auction app is fully customisable for companies to offer products on which users and friends can bid down the price in 0,50€ to 1,00€ steps. The viral excitement of manually reducing the price of a product they like can lead to them sharing the app which not only leads to more potential customers but also to convert leads into sales once a user decides to buy a product.

The webvitamin Quiz Facebook app is a great way to engage customer who are more willing to play an interesting online competition than reading through the targeted advertisements.

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