B2B Twitter Marketing in Germany

Twitter is an extremely powerful micro-blogging tool but more importantly for companies, the platform can be used to deliver B2B Twitter marketing. The social media platform has shown the world that private consumers and businesses are not all by default Facebook users and want to communicate over a platform with different technicalities. Mentions, direct messaging, simple group messaging and re-tweeting all offer ways of interacting with fans in 140 characters.


B2B Twitter marketing in Germany powered by webvitamin

Twitter works by allowing users to post status updates which can include such content as text and photos but also other rich media such as SoundCloud players and YouTube videos. Posts can be retweeted, favorited and shared with other users. Depending on when a user places the RT (re-tweet) command in a tweet, either all users will view the conversation or just that of the surrounding followers, allowing for more flexibility at the touch of the hand rather than complicated privacy and group settings. There is also the option of direct messaging, a much more personal approach still limited to the 140 character rule, which is either available through the DM command plus the user handle (@webvitamin_gmbh) when writing a status update or through the letter button on each users‘ profile. The company profile can be worked on to provide fun and gorgeous designs to fit all displays. Attractive profiles can also send a positive image of a brand when a user visits all in a split second, and designing the background wallpaper correctly can relay other important communication channels, links and information. Some companies not only convey their corporate branding through their B2B Twitter profiles, but also include information regarding who exactly tweets and alternative contact methods, such as an email address.

Twitter is a simple but effective and rich communications tool for private individuals and businesses alike. In the B2B field, much more emphasis must be put into engagement, as not just businesses but that of all professionals and individuals surrounding the industry are reading up. Twitter can be as flexible as a simple brand communication channel to inform B2B customers of your products and services, to B2B PR and customer service channel, or even when linked with LinkedIn – a powerful content and thought leadership promotion tool. Indirectly promoting knowledge, tips and useful content targeted towards B2B customers can indirectly lead to sales leads as customers learn about what you have to offer. webvitamin is capable of getting your own B2B Twitter campaign started through our services available to create and format your B2B Twitter account in Germany, when combined with our additional content marketing services, can generate the potential for a quality communications channel.

B2B Twitter Marketing in Germany: Sharing Content is One of Twitter’s Strong Points

Twitter not only offers the benefits of reaching worldwide German speakers, but also that of engaging international fans and clients. The sooner that exclusive and engaging content is shared on Twitter in text and picture form or with text and links to your website or blog – the quicker you will build up your fan base. Twitter is a great platform to share content generated by your company about brands, operations and around the industry you specialise in. When companies generate quality content and share it over Twitter, it acts as a double multiplier from generating both more followers and dialogue as interested parties make comments.

An example: billiger.de shares the webvitamin developed Reverse Auction Facebook app to engage customers to go and like their Facebook page and then interact with the Facebook app.

Twitter is a great way to talk directly with fans in an open environment. Complementing users of your products by embedding or sharing their Tweets can be a great way to market what people think of your business. Also, Twitter offers the possibility to monitor social buzz, the option of actively tracking potentially frustrated, lost or interested users expressing their problems through mentions, hash tags and search engines, which could be the opening lead to you directly proposing your products and services as the solution to the problem.

B2B Twitter Marketing in Germany: Trending your Brands


Get you company trending!

There are also many more marketing purposes regarding B2B Twitter marketing than just pure communication, for instance companies can pay to promote, piggy back or start their own trends. Trends are created when a keyword linked to a hash tag (#webvitamin) is used frequently, sparking users to engage around the trend if it is of relevance to them and they have something to say. This is a great way to pin your companies Tweets using hash tags. The trending hash tag keywords are open to be clicked on once signed in to reveal the tide of tweets surrounding that particular trend.

Whether you’re seeking a fan base or a communications channel, Twitter is both. More importantly if you are considering a move into the B2B Twitter realm is to sport the right profile and strategy for the German Market. Having worked with German companies reach fans and customers in their domestic market, webvitamin can also guide your entry into the German market with important information. There are a lot of possibilities to let users have fun with Twitter, and being on the look out for relevant trends can help boost profile impressions. Having a Twitter presence in the form of link from a main e-commerce platform or website can let new potential leads follow you, providing users for the next time you have some news to share.

B2B Twitter Marketing in Germany: A Challenge to be Accepted

Twitter is one of the most here and now platforms out there. Facebook is the most popular social media platform in Europe, but following closely suit is Twitter battling for second place with LinkedIn. Both LinkedIn and Twitter are viable platforms for business use.  A B2B Twitter account can be used to reach audiences that may not be active readers or customers but could be once online content on products, services and knowledge useful to fans is shared. Generally, lucky companies with established products will always have a fan base of customers mentioning how much they love a product when they purchase or use it. Focusing on creating and contributing to online communities built up around Twitter conversations and LinkedIn discussions with quality content will generate this type of fan base, as opposed to merely focusing on how many followers the brand has obtained.

Additionally, B2B Twitter marketing can be a support for LinkedIn company pages, products and discussions with potential B2B clients. Whether you are looking to establish a B2B Twitter account as a dedicated communications channel for Germany, or internationally, and may be interested in publishing content specifically for the German market – we can do this all for your very own B2B Twitter marketing campaign in Germany.


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