B2B Social Media in Germany

B2B social media is one of the best practices of marketing specialist webvitamin, a social media agency and application developer based in Berlin, Germany. Using a small but experienced team to help international companies operate and maintain B2B social media accounts, fan pages and applications in Germany using advertising campaigns leveraged by content creation, search engine optimisation and social media application personalisation all in the German language. For any international business wishing to market their business to the German speaking world through channels popular with B2B social media marketing companies, webvitamin are the agency of choice to achieve this.

B2B Social Media in Germany: Specialized for Germany


Build your online social media presence using our expertise and applications

B2B social media in Germany offers possibilities to drive customers from various online international platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter profiles or SlideShare content. These services can vary depending on the platform, we can offer complete B2B social media Twitter campaigns in the German language and streamline any existing corporate messaging. For LinkedIn, the complete profile can be created, managed and developed all in the German language and growth guaranteed due to LinkedIn’s built in analytics – allowing us to see the target group thereof created in Germany. SlideShare is a powerful international B2B content sharing tool for creating B2B social media  leads, showcasing any existing or future content to German professionals in the German language would be the perfect way to create new customers – of course we can do this!

B2B Social Media in Germany: Market your Company

To reach the German speaking world, experience and expertise is required. Our work force not only operates on a daily basis with German B2B companies who are also trying to reach customers through social media marketing campaigns, but also has history and experience in working with international B2B companies. Our how-to workshops or complete trust and management of your social media profiles and campaigns in the German language are the best of what we can offer. Whether you want to run a blog, create content in German, run an online social media marketing channel to target German speaking B2B social media customers or like the idea of running our apps, get in touch. We consult international B2B companies to bring their online marketing into Germany.

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